5 Tacos veganos mas ricos que los de carne

The taco is an ancestral food in Mexico. Although the tortilla is a dish that was ingested differently during the pre-Columbian era, the first record of a "taquiza", that is, a collective meal where there are tacos, was during the conquest, by Hernán Cortés himself and his captains.

This food is more than an inheritance, it is identity and flavor, but it is also a contemporary dish that does not close to the past, so today it goes without saying that vegetarian and vegan tacos are a sensation. Although you can find some great flavor, these are undoubtedly the most delicious.

Eggplant Barbecue Tacos

The aubergine taco is a strange mix that has become everyone's favorite. Between the sweet and spicy, but also creamy, it is a taco that will make you eat more and more. If you have the opportunity, do not let it pass, especially if you can season it with avocado and a little cheese (it can also be vegan).





Portobello Tacos

The mushroom tacos have been famous for years, but the portobello has an unparalleled flavor, because its flavor is stronger and the consistency is better. It is a perfect substitute for meat and, prepared in the right way, it is delicious and healthy at the same time.




Jamaica tinga tacos

The tinga is a dish that is accompanied in the form of taco, and especially toast. You need tomato, chipotle, oil and although before it was almost exclusive to chicken, striped Jamaica has become a perfect option to prepare it. Whether in taco or toast, do not forget to spread a spoonful of refried beans to exploit the flavor of the tinga.




Vegan Pastor Tacos

The King of Mexico City. The pastor came from the east to position himself as the favorite taco of one of the largest cities in the world and his vegan version is just as delicious. You can prepare it with tofu and without a doubt, the more roasted the pineapple is, the better its flavor will be. Of course, whenever you are in a taco shop, ask about the special sauce for shepherds that goes perfectly with it.



Vegan Cheese Quesadillas

Although they are very simple, quesadillas are one of the favorite tacos of Mexicans, but they do not necessarily have to bring cheese of animal origin to be delicious. Alternatively, they can be prepared with vegan cheeses that have the same consistency and even better taste than dairy products. It is even possible to prepare them with vegan ham or soy sausage.