¿Cómo son los muebles veganos y de qué están hechos?

Vegan furniture is furniture made without leather, wool, plastics, resin or industrial glues. For its manufacture, natural products and processes foreign to the animal exploitation or any other industrial process are used.

They arise from the investigation during years of the natural processes that take place in the east, looking for the form to adapt them in the manufacture of furniture.

The answer was found in the Dead Sea, where the crystallization process of the salts present in the water was the trigger of what would later become a collection of salt furniture. It includes wooden stools in whose surface they are covered by a skin of salt product of having been submerged in the waters of the Dead Sea.

It should be noted that the wood used for the manufacture of sidewalks is recycled, making these furniture friendly with the environment, but without losing an original style in decoration. This 'salt skin' prevents any type of organism from surviving, so by using it, the vital process of any living being would not be interrupted.

The objective is to inspire and create awareness in the furniture industry about the impact of using unnatural products, and the benefits and results that can be obtained if you start to have a greater respect for nature and life.