Flores: La alternativa a los pesticidas químicos

In the model of modern agriculture, it uses pesticides that, in order to "protect" the plant, can cause disease to the earth, water, air, other plants and animals, and even human beings. As an alternative, recent studies are proposing floral pesticides.

They can protect crops, the well-being of ecosystems and human health efficiently. According to a publication of the INRA (French Institute of Agronomic Research), farms that use lower amounts of pesticides gain productivity and profitability, in addition to improving the quality of the food produced. In addition, it favors the biodiversity of the fields of sowing, creating an ideal habitat for insects that, in another way, are sacrificed in the process.

Within the list of flowers with this potential are: margaritas, red clovers, coriander, cornflower, buckwheat, dill and poppy.

This is a very important aspect to consider since the greater the biodiversity of an ecosystem, the more it can self-regulate. So you can protect yourself from the spread of undesirable diseases or weeds, among other threats to crops.

Therefore, it is committed to transforming monocultures into integrated systems rich in biodiversity, to take care of the environment and the health of all.